STYLE                                     BMX Flatland 

DATE OF BIRTH                    03 March 1981

HOMEBASE                            Luxembourg

KNOWN AS                           The flatland icon


How did you end up on a BMX? 
As a kid - it was my first bike! Loved the bike and still play with it as a kid!

Was it always your number 1 sport? 
I was almost black belt in Karate before BMX Freestyle. I even won a couple of contests! Karate gave me a good body condition and helped me to learn the right mental discipline to become a pro rider in BMX.

When did you make you hobby a career? 
In 2000 I went to compete in the US. I asked my mom to borrow me money for the plane ticket and it went well! I never asked her again as I was able to make a living since the first contest in pro where I placed 7th place and got enough cash to fly to the next contest. It was like a videogame life and getting cash as bonus.

What was your biggest success? 
When I won the European X Games in 2001. I felt I had the power to win contests. 

What was your worst injury so far?
Two broken ribs! It was not so painful but I couldn’t ride for 40 days.

What else makes you happy alongside your BMX?
Being with my wife and daughter!

Are you ever getting tied or is it always gonna be you and your BMX?           
If I get tired I drink a Red Bull haha

What are your major goals for the next year?
I want to be back in contests, I want to make creative videos out of the box, organize the 3EN1 BMX event/contest and help to establish the Titanium BMX company VIKING BMX.

Nineyard Viki