STYLE                                    Trials / Street Trials

DATE OF BIRTH                     12 April 1991

BASE                                     Blansko, Czech Republic

NICKNAME                             Vasha 

How did you start out riding?
I started my career when I was 6 years old. At my hometown Blansko
Biketrial World Championships was held in 1996 and I was there with my
father. We liked that sport, so I started my long way. My dream was
always to become World Champion in Elite one day.

What does riding mean to you?
My life! I love sports and riding on all types of bikes. Thinking about
some creative lines, travelling, finding some new places, meeting new
friends, feeling free, enjoying the riding, Still love competing and
pushing my limits!

Was it always your number 1 sport?
When I was a kid, I used to basketball. Later I found trials and It's
still number one for me. Also I love so many sports to watch and to do
some sports just for fun, but I am limited by time as I'm more or less
everyday on my bikes.

Are there any other hobbies?
I like travelling, having fun with my friends, basketball, running,
hardening, filming, working on new projects and sometimes I like a good
beer, haha 😄 I also like to try new things but bikes and job around
take me a lot of time.

Who or what inspires you?  
So many riders and athletes during my life! It's hard to choose only

What makes you push your limits?
To have some goals and dreams! Always to have motivation and work hard for it! It's one of the best feelings when you achieve your goals.

What was you biggest success?
When I fulfilled my dream and I won first time Biketrial (BIU) World
Championship in Elite category. I managed to win in my career 12x World
Championships and many other titles as well, cool results in UCI Trials
and other comps. Also when I learn some new trick or did some cool line!

What means "Create Playgrounds" to you?
You can do everything what makes you happy and make it your playground.