STYLE                                     Street Trials & Mountainbike

DATE OF BIRTH                        23 Mai 1992

HOMEBASE                              Yokohama, Japan 

NICKNAME                            NINJA RIDER


How did you start out riding?
I started my career with 50cc motocross when I was 4 years old. Because my father loves motorcycle. So we used to ride a motocross together. But I could ride a moto only weekend. So I started riding a cheap bike when I was around 10. I got into it and my father gave me a pure trials bike when I was 12. I’ve been riding a trials bike for 19 years!

What does riding mean to you?
I started riding my bike just for fun and it became my job. But it’s still just for fun!

Was it always your number 1 sport?
When I was a kid, I loved baseball and motocross so much! And I still love motocross.

Are there any other hobbies? 
Van tripping, Camping and BBQ with my family and friends! But I always look for some cool spot for riding when I’m on a trip. Haha

Who or what inspires you?  
Clapping from someone when I ride in the street.

What makes you push your limits?
Feedbacks from people and pure pleasure for riding.

'Create Playgrounds' means to me:
It means to use your brain to make things fun by yourself. You can enjoy anywhere with your creativity.