Tate Roskelley Nineyard

STYLE                                    BMX Street 

BIRTHDAY                            22 October 1985

HOMEBASE                           Utah, USA

KNOWN AS                           Creative Master

When was your first ride on a BMX?
I was always drawn to riding bikes ever since I was a kid. I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was about 13. The first time my friends and I made a jump I was instantly hooked. I still vividly remember my first bmx bike and the excitement it brought me.

Since when is filming your thing? 
Shortly after learning the basics of bmx I started watching videos that were being made by the pros of the day. I immediately started trying to replicate what I was seeing. Back then nobody had a camera phone or anything like that so old VHS recording devices (dad cams) were our only option. I would use the family camera to capture what we were doing and I’ve never stopped since.

What is your favorite content piece and why?
I would say my latest part “Wait, What?” For GT bikes is my favorite. Each part I put out I try to top the last one. I feel that video had some of my best ideas and concepts. As soon as I’m done with a video it’s back to ground zero as I try to build up new ideas and direction.

Can you live from filming and the sport?
No. Not at this point. Bringing an idea into reality and documenting it brings me so much joy. It’s always a lot of work but the struggle makes the success feel so good. It’s my therapy.

What was your most creative trick so far?
I would have to say the wheel coming off and catching it back in the dropouts. I first did the trick about 4 years ago and have had many variations of the trick. It has been cool to see the cycling world take the idea and put there own twist to it.

What makes you push your limits?
The feeling of successfully coming up with an idea and working with it till I can make it a reality is such a fun feeling. I always want to come up with the next trick that will hopefully melt minds of the viewers.

What was your most painful injury?
In one of my older video parts “Killjoy” I tried to jump off a moving carousel ride. I ended up landing face first from a large drop. I never want to do that again.

Are you working on a new video at the moment?
Yes! Stay tuned.