Start off the year stylish with a new outfit. To complete your look, we give you a Beanie for FREE!

That's how it works:
1. Add a beanie of your choice to your shopping cart (minimum order value 75€).
2. Enter the code
in the discount code field at checkout.
3. That's it! The price of the selected beanie will be deducted automatically.


*Please note the conditions below

- Valid from a minimum order value of 75€.
- Valid once per customer.
- Cannot be combined with gift cards or other discount codes.
- If you wish to return your entire order, please return the beanie as well. If we do not receive the beanie back, the beanie will be considered a purchase and we will automatically deduct the price from the refund.
- Example: You buy a hoodie and get the beanie for free. If you return the hoodie to us and keep the beanie, we will only refund the price of the hoodie minus the price of the beanie.
- By using the code BEANIE22, you agree to the terms and conditions.