STYLE                                       Moto X

DATE OF BIRTH                      30 / 08 October 1991

HOMEBASE                              Berlin, Germany

KNOWN FOR                           Nosebonk Frontflip

How did you start out riding? 
I grew up in a Motocross Family and started early with the age of 3 as my Dad as well as my sister raced. I participated in a lot of regional and national MX series before hitting ramps with the age of 16. 2013 I turned FMX Pro.

What does riding mean to you?
It starts with putting on the helmet, there is another own world of freedom. Riding is life to me, even with or without an engine - the feeling to ride and fly is indescribable.

Are there any other hobbies?
As long as it is on two wheels it is just fine. I am keen to ride MTB (Enduro/Dirt) and other Motorcycle disciplines. Next to that I like to dig in a dozer or by hand. My job is my hobby!

Who inspires you? 
Sure it was Ricky Carmichael in the early days when he became the G.O.A.T. in Supercross. Followed by Travis Pastrana who set new limits in Freestyle Motocross on and off track. To be honest it was NINEYARDs inventor Fabio who put me on a Enduro bicycle.

Are you afraid of injuries?
You have to deal with that. I am not afraid and not scared, but I am learning to cope with it! Injuries happen in our sport, that is the truth. I think positiv and don’t do the sport to get injured, feel pain and be off the bike!

What was your biggest achievement so far?
Every day on the bike is a good one. Germanies Supertalent in 2013 was good, my Body Varials (Volt in 2014 and California Roll in 2017) I am proud of. I raced the german Supercross series in Winter 16/17 to qualify for the best 12 riders in the top class. Last but not least: my Frontflip Bonk went more viral than I thought. Will this trick ever happen again? I don’t know.

Which trick do you wanna nail in the upcoming year? 
In 2021 it is not about the tricks. As less FMX shows happen this year, I am more about new two wheel off-road motorcycle sports. I test myself in Moto-Enduro, Supermoto, Flattrack and more. Am I a freerider or a freeracer? I will find it out.

Do you see your future career as a professional rider?
For sure. Being on the bike and travelling around the world is just the best thing I can dream of. I will continue my this years projects and I will figure out if I return to FMX full time or to a general Moto-Dirtbike racer. Forevertwowheels.