STYLE                                  Street Trial

DATE OF BIRTH                    12 April 1995

BASE                                    Antibes, France 

KNOWN FOR                         Tech and Tricks Rider


How did you start out riding?
I started to ride after riding a motor trial. I saw a bike trial show and I wanted to do this.

What does biking mean to you?
Biking means being free for me. When I bike it's like I'm all alone with my imagination and just enjoy it and think of nothing.

Was it always your number 1 sport?
No, after 3 years of Trial I moved to BMX. That was a really nice school to learn tricks. It’s maybe why I can do a lot of tail whip and barspin haha.

Are there any other hobbies? 
The bike takes a lot of time in my life but I like to motorbike too. Listen to music and travel.

Who or what inspires you?  
Bmx riders inspire me a lot. Kriss Kyle, Simone Barraco to name a few...

What makes you push your limits?
Always try to be better and never go backwards.

What was you biggest success?
Living of my passion it’s totally a dream. And my first show with my childhood idol Danny Macaskill.

'Create Playgrounds' means to me:
Great inspiration for street trial riders because our playground it’s really everything. The whole world is a playground and we just need to be creative and ride it with our own touch of personality.