STYLE                                     Mountainbike

DATE OF BIRTH                    30 June 1995

HOMEBASE                            Innsbruck, Austria 

KNOWN AS                            MTB & Content all-round talent

Since when is riding your passion? 
I love being on two whees since I’m a little kid. There’s nothing better!

When did you know you want to turn your hobby into a job?
I never planned to live from biking and my drive has always been my passion. It just happened out of pure love to the sport. I think at the age of 19 I started to realize that I can actually live from it which was and still is the coolest thing ever.

What does make your job perfect?
I hate calling this my job as it doesn’t feel like one. I do this cause I love it and this is what makes it perfect. Being able to do what I love and not having any restrictions in my creativity.

Where do you get the inspiration for your videos? 
I get my inspiration from a lot of different sources. Sometimes from other sports like skateboarding, moto, parcour and sometimes things just pop up in my head in my daily life. I just see every things in a different perspective which leads to a lot of ideas.

How do you mentally get ready for the gnarly stuff you do?  
Luckily I’m a person who is not afraid to fail. I had tons of situations where things didn’t go as planned and I think this helped me to always be mentally strong when trying new stuff. I like to rethink tricks a hundred times before trying them - this gives me confidence.

What was your biggest learning from the accident?  
Always focus 100% when trying new things. Even it might feel easy after some tries.

How does your life look like away from videos and bikes?

Puh that’s a tough one as this is what I do most of the time. If I’m not filming or biking I’m hanging out with my friends and girlfriend (Parties included :D).

What does Create Playgrounds mean to you?
It means no matter where you are or what you do you can make everything your playground. You don’t need much to do cool things.

Fabio Nineyard