NINEYARD combines streetwear with bikewear.

We missed the stylish and urban in bikewear and the functional in streetwear and designed and developed exactly that ourselves. 

Style. Comfort. Functionality. We created styles for all your playgrounds - easy ride, contest or casual street look. Styles that support you in everyday life and also in action, whether with bike or without. 

Each garment has been developed with great attention to detail by a designers who understand riding and by athletes, multi-talents from the bike scene. Well thought-out design with smart details in the right places make each piece truly unique.


At NINEYARD, we work every day to inspire you with the smartest, most stylish and most durable innovations in the action sports industry. 


We want to drive a new era of action sports with innovation and style. We believe in the impossible. For anyone who is not everyone. 


Riding is our passion!

We're committed to making that passion possible for more people out there. Through our initiatives, we will build and support playgrounds

- for many more enthusiasts and talents who want to live the sport.

Soon you can support our first projects! 

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