STYLE                                  MTB Trials

DATE OF BIRTH                    10 December 2004

BASE                                    Japan 

KNOWN FOR                         Some of the biggest drops and a very powerful riding style


How did you start out riding?
My father was riding his Jeep in the mountains when I was kid and I always tried to imitate him on my bicycle.

What does riding mean to you?
For me a bicycle is a place where I can interact with various people and test my ability to the fullest!

Was it always your number 1 sport?
I play different sports such as parkour or badminton, but I'm always thinking about bicycles and riding 😂

Are there any other hobbies? 
My hobbies include parkour, badminton and motorcycle enduro racing!

Who or what inspires you?  
I'm always inspired by innovative riders like Fabio Wibmer and Tomomi Nishikubo!

What makes you push your limits?
I want to make my dream come true which is to push the limits and become one of the world's best riders.

What was your biggest success?
For me, having the chance to meet Tomomi Nishikubo and learning from him is the biggest success. It helped me a lot to get where I am right now.

"Create Playgrounds" means to me?
Having fun everywhere and finding riding possibilities where others wouldn’t think about.